2951 siatur h siasoft 115mmx10m roll P0150

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For the perfect finish on profiled workpieces

2951 siatur h excels in manual and portable machine sanding applications with radii from 2–5 mm thanks to its high adaptability and dimensional accuracy, especially in jobs such as keying, intermediate sanding and final sanding on paint, lacquer, body filler and primer filler

Foam-backed siasoft ensures the very gentle and even use of abrasives. It prevents unwanted sanding-through and helps the user achieve a perfect surface with minimal scratch depth

Pressure-equalising - The foam hardness is matched to the application, enabling siasoft to deliver optimum pressure distribution for a consistent sanding pattern. No sanding-through. The soft backing material prevents pressure points caused by fingers or sanding-through. siasoft is therefore ideal for fine and intermediate varnish sanding on surfaces or curves

Adaptable to contours - The abrasive is very adaptable to contours due to the foam-laminated back. It is ideal for hard-to-reach and profiled surfaces. This enables the user to achieve a consistent sanding pattern without scratches


  • Can be torn to any desired format
  • Best adaptability in the siasoft version
  • High level of dimensional accuracy during profile belt sanding
  • Highly adaptable to contours and shapes
  • Extremely long lifetime
  • User-friendly, absorbs perspiration
  • siasoft for excellent pressure distribution, anti-slip
  • Prevents pressure points caused by fingers
  • Good sanding feeling thanks to adaptable foam backing

Technical data

  • Sanding roll size, width x length - 115 x 10000 mm
  • Grit size - P0150
  • Grit type - Aluminium oxide
  • Grit range - 80-220
  • Backing - h-wt cloth, cotton, Foam-backed siasoft 
  • Coating - Closed
  • Bonding - Resin over resin


  • Final sanding of profiled workpieces
  • Intermediate sanding of varnishes on curves and profiles
  • Profile grinding for radii greater than 2 mm
  • Keying of paints, lacquers, body filler, primer filler and plastics
  • Keying of paints and fillers on flat surfaces and profiles
  • Keying of primers, primer fillers and body fillers


  • Softwood and Hardwood
  • Resinous wood
  • Plywood panel
  • Polyester lacquer
  • PU, NC and UV lacquers
  • Water-based varnish
  • Acrylic lacquer
  • Body filler
  • Primer filler
  • Primer coat
  • Solid-surface material
  • Plastics
  • Plaster
  • Plasterboard

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