Festool mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CTL 36 E AC-PLANEX

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Ideal for drywall construction

The higher the material removal capacity of a sander, the more powerful the corresponding mobile dust extractor needs to be. The powerful CLEANTEC CTL 36 AC PLANEX with a 36 l container volume is designed specifically for the extreme material removal capacity of the PLANEX long-reach sander. With tool holder, non-buckling hose and standard ComfortClean sealing slide for even more efficient filter cleaning. With its large container geometry, the CTL 36 AC PLANEX provides maximum volume. At the same time, it is extremely mobile, thanks to swivelling castor wheels and large rear wheels. The flat filter fully integrated in the suction head ensures the full volume is utilised: This means that the gross and net container volumes are virtually identical. The extremely compact high-performance turbine provides the right suction power. A 3900 l/min volume flow means that nothing remains except clean air. Approved for dust in dust class L.

  • The perfect mobile dust extractor for all PLANEX long-reach sanders
  • AUTOCLEAN automatic main filter cleaning system for consistently high suction power
  • Constantly high suction because of the compact high-performance turbine
  • Antistatic function prevents static developing during work
  • Attachment of Systainers via SYS-Dock
  • Hose garage and cable windup for greater tidiness and safety
  • Economical because of the optimal use of the available volume with a SELFCLEAN filter bag in the container
  • container/filter bag capacity 36/34 l
  • with AUTOCLEAN function
  • approval for dust class L
  • special extractor for all PLANEX long-reach sanders


  • Filter cleaning. Automatic - AUTOCLEAN (AC) automatically cleans the main filter. The suction power, therefore, remains high at all times. Benefits: Time savings, longer work intervals, and also less maintenance effort, a longer service life, and cost savings
  • Manual cleaning - Even heavily clogged filters can be cleaned: When the container inlet is closed manually with the ComfortClean sealing slide, a strong vacuum is generated, which cleans the filter with maximum force
  • Adjustable according to requirements - The cleaning intervals are set infinitely using the rotary switch: 0 = Cleaning off, 2 min., 1 min., 30 sec. and 15 sec. The shorter the intervals, the more intensive the cleaning. In the "AUTO" setting, the filter is automatically subjected to a final cleaning process once the machine is shut down. In the "AC" setting, the cleaning process is activated immediately
  • Practical tool tray - The long-reach sander is securely attached to the tool holder. This enables abrasives to be changed quickly and conveniently or the range of the PLANEX to be extended with just a few hand movements. With a practical carry handle
  • Maximum flexibility - Highly sensitive and non-buckling suction hose
  • Rapid cable unwinding - It's quick and easy to remove the cable thanks to a clever folding mechanism.
  • High suction power - Extremely powerful, compact, and light: The high-performance turbine provides considerably higher suction power and requires very little space
  • Tear-resistant fleece filter bag - The fleece filter bags are self-cleaning because they collapse after the extractor is turned off. This SELFCLEAN effect guarantees consistently high suction power until the bag is full to capacity
  • Disposable bag - Perfect for dust extractors with AUTOCLEAN, e.g. for extracting coarse dirt and chips. Dust-free disposal via a lock on the disposable bag
  • Transport-safe - The locking brake ensures that the extractor will remain in place. The large wheels prevent the extractor from tipping over. The wheels can be turned, and the material that they are made from is resistant to wear. Because of the location of its centre of gravity, the extractor is easy to carry
  • Large capacity - The filter bag is free to unfold because of the flat filter and the smooth inner contours of the container. This allows the bag to be filled uniformly and a nearly 100% utilisation of the filter bag volume
  • Optional extension - Depending on requirements, the extractor can be equipped with additional modules, such as a compressed air module, an electrical outlet module with continuous power or automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off switch, an energy box module or a Bluetooth® module
  • For dust in class L - The extractor is approved for dust class L. It is suitable for extracting harmful dust with limit values > 1 mg/m³. The extractor features a large red label that indicates the dust class
  • Extremely versatile - For dust, dirt and water. When absorbing water, the LevelStop shuts down the drive in good time and the motor remains protected. The wet filter can be set in place with just a few hands movements

Technical data

  • Power consumption - 350 – 1 200 W
  • Max. volume flow - 3900,00 l/min
  • Max. vacuum - 24000,00 Pa
  • Filter surface area - 6318,00 cm²
  • Rubber-insulated mains cable - 7,50 m
  • Container/filter bag capacity - 36/34 l
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 630 x 365 x 596 mm
  • Max. appliance socket connected load - 2400,00 W
  • Dust class - L
  • Weight - 15,20 kg

Items included

  • High-performance main filter (203759)
  • SELFCLEAN filter bag
  • Disposal bag
  • Kink-resistant suction hose D36x3,5-AS/KS/B/LHS 225 (577101)
  • Comfort clean closing slide (497926)
  • Hose holder
  • PLANEX tool holder (205274)
  • Cable holder
  • In carton box


  • For dust with limit values > 1 mg/m³
  • Integral automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for extraction from electric power tools
  • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction
  • Ideal for sanding filler compound with the PLANEX long-reach sander


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