4961 sialoX fibre disc D125/1 P0024

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The all-rounded for highly effective material removal

The 4961 sialoX fibre disc series with its excellent price/performance ratio is suitable for all unalloyed steels, low-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals.


  • A versatile all-round product
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Technical data

  • Disc diameter - 125 mm
  • Grit type - Aluminium oxide
  • Grit size - P0024
  • Backing - fibre
  • Coating - closed


  • Removal of rust
  • Weld preparation
  • Removing discolouration
  • Sanding down
  • Surface treatment
  • Deburring
  • Smoothing and blending of flaws


  • Unalloyed / low-alloy steel
  • Non-ferrous metal 
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