Bessey telescopic drywall support ST290

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Fixed and support during dry construction

"The extra hand" for safe one-man assembly!

Ease of transport and the flexible adjustment make the telescopic drywall support from BESSEY an indispensable helper for dry construction work. The stable construction not only enables the safe fixing of a wide variety of construction materials on the roof, but also safely affixes foils as a dust protection wall. Even on sloping roofs, the strut finds a secure hold with its swivelling PVC contact surfaces. Oneman assembly can also start from larger plates – the maximum load limit per strut is up to 60 kg. Try them out for yourself!

  • Resilient up to a maximum of 60 kg
  • Stable construction due to special steel pipes and anti-slip PVC contact surfaces
  • Application also on slopes due to continuously swivelable contact surfaces of -45° to +45°
  • Easy, safe handling due to a telescoping and locking inner pipe as well as an outer pipe that can be turned by the foam grip

Technical data

  • Adjusting range - 1600-2900 mm
  • Load limit at maximum extension length -  60 kg
  • Weight - 2,24 kg

Secure hold

Resilient anti-slip, the support guarantees secure holding, even on the sensitive surface:

  • due to special steel pipes for a maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 60 kg
  • due to additional locking of the release button
  • due to rubber contact surfaces top and bottom

Flexible in application

It enables the positioning and holding of plaster carton, wooden planks, panels, battens, metal bars, foils and lamp bodies, for example. The support can even be use on sloping roofs

  • Due to stable steel pipe construction in three sizes - telescoping up to 2,90m
  • Due to 8,5 x 6,5cm base plate with a swivel range of-45° to +45°

Easy to handle

The support can be used quickly:

  • due to the fixing in just two steps: The rough pre-setting is carried out using the telescoping and quickly locking inner pipe; the final clamping is carried out by turning the support at the foam grip

Securely fixes and supports during dry construction

As a specialist for manual clamping tools, BESSEY now also offers a solution for securing a wide variety of building materials on the ceiling. The flexible but stable ST telescopic drywall support serves as a helping “extra hand” for safe one-man assembly during dry construction. It is available in three sizes and can handle up to 60 kilograms.

The stable but flexible construction of the new ST telescopic drywall support holds a wide variety of building materials, such as plasterboard, wooden boards, panels, roof battens or metal bars. Even thin construction foils can be quickly, easily and securely fixed to a dust protection wall. The largest version of the BESSEY telescopic drywall support can be extended up to 2.90 metres. The base plates with a size of 8.5 x 6.5 cm have a swivel range of -45° to +45°. This means it can also be used on slopes. A secure grip – even on sensitive surfaces and maximum load – is ensured by the rubberised contact surfaces. The extremely stable steel tube construction of the BESSEY ST telescopic drywall support is resilient up to a maximum of 60 kilograms. An unintentional retraction of the inner tube is prevented by locking the release button.

Easy, quick and safe handling

Before using the ST telescopic drywall support, make sure that the locking pin on the release button is moved to the left. Only then can the telescopic inner pipe for the presetting be pulled out and locked at the required length. Pushing the locking pin to the right again blocks the release button and secures the inner pipe. Now turn the preset ceiling bracket clockwise using the foam handle until the upper contact surface makes full contact with the work piece and fix it securely in place. To release, turn the bracket anti-clockwise again. As soon as the locking pin has been pushed to the left, the release button can be actuated and the inner pipe retracted. Done!

The ST telescopic drywall support is available in three sizes: The ST125 with an adjustment path of 75 to 125 cm as well as the ST250 with an adjustment path of 145 to 250 cm have a load limit of 60 kg. The ST290 version with an adjustment path of 160 to 290 cm can be loaded with a maximum of up to 50 kg.


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