Thermelt knot filler, beech

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The original Knot Filler System

Knot Filler is a unique product for repairing all kinds of knots, cracks, splits, defects, etc. in wood. It is easy and quick to use, durable, flexible, and strong at the same time. Knot Filler is both water-repellent and flexible, which also makes it perfect for outdoor use. It is a non-toxic product, safe for the user and the environment. 

Knot Filler is a unique wood repair product with many advantages. First of all the impeccable result. When using the correct color the repair will be very hard to spot when the finishing treatment has been applied. Knot Filler works with oil, lacquer, paint - even stain. We have a variety of great colors to match most wood sorts.

The durability of Knot Filler is amazing. Knot Filler is made from polyamide and will stay in the wood year after year due to its flexibility. It expands and contracts with the wood, making the filler very suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.

  • The length of stick 30 cm/diameter 12mm, in industry packing 300gr., 9 sticks
  • Used with Knot Filler gun BCD 360
  • Type 134 - hardness 0,98, working temperature 160-180ºC, flexibility (23ºC) 100-200%, tensile strength (23ºC) - 5,5-7 Mpa
  • Ready-to-use
  • Durable
  • Hardens in seconds
  • Stays in the wood
  • Minimal waste
  • No toxics
  • Strong
  • Flexible - works/contracts with the wood
  • Many different colors
  • Perfect for all types of wood
  • Can handle temperature changes  
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Accepts all kinds of surface treatments
  • Perfect for repairs in formwork panels

How to use

1. Place a Knot Filler stick in the Knot Filler gun and turn it on
2. Make sure the temperature is set correctly (check the knot filler label)
3. When the gun is warm, apply Knot Filler into the repair
4. Be fast when applying the Knot Filler 
5. Place a cooling iron/block on the Knot Filler quickly after application 
6. Remove excess Knot Filler with a cutting tool when the Knot Filler has cooled off and has an even-colored surface
7. Sand the repair - by hand or machine
8. Apply surface treatment. Knot Filler accepts all kinds, both oil, lacquer, stain, etc. 
Tip!​ Find a selection of the best tools for Knot Filler
Tip! Knot Filler is perfect for an edge- and corner repairs


  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Formwork
  • Glulam
  • Stairs


How to work with Thermelt, video

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